Hospital Bags! What I needed. 

   Ok, on the internet there are hundreds of sites telling you what to pack for you and baby for the hospital. What you think you need and what you ACTUALLY need are two very different things!  I spent nearly a week in hospital and still didn't need half of the things I packed!! However,… Continue reading Hospital Bags! What I needed. 

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Workout of the day #3

Wednesday! Still motivated! Walked up the massive hill with the pram today! Was a workout in itself - treated myself to a caramel latte at the top. Adam has told me that was bad, I should of had a green tea... But they aren't as tasty! Ho hum! Ok, on to tonight's mini workout!  Wednesday… Continue reading Workout of the day #3


Why it’s the best job in the world!

So, it's 5pm and Evelyn is napping in my arms. I should put her down in her cot but something in me loves having her whole hand wrapped around my little finger, her breathing is therapeutic to me now. Sitting here I've been thinking about the reasons being a parent is the most rewarding/stressful/messy/selfless/exhausting/crazy experience!… Continue reading Why it’s the best job in the world!