Boarder for Baby Blanket

So, as a novice to crochet I have used youtube tutorials to teach me the basics! I have created this simple treble crochet stitch blanket changing colours after every 4th round!! The scalloped boarder seemed like a nice way to end my blanket and make it girlie! Here is how I did it!

My blanket isn’t huge, I wanted to make a car seat blanket.



imageOk so the first thing I did was do a single crochet in each stitch space. This creates a row of loops to start your scallops. Do this all the way round your blanket.


(This is where it gets tricky) in the first loop do 5 double crochet. You will notice it creates a fan. Slip stitch into the next loop. Miss a loop. Crochet 5 doubles in the next loop (repeat). You will basically use 3 loops spaces  for each scallop (fan).

loop 1- 5 double crochet

loop 2- slip stitch to secure

loop 3- leave blank



When end you lay it down you will start to see the pattern.

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