Baby, Weaning


Everyone has their own individual approach to weaning their babies. At the end of the day as long as the baby is happy, healthy, gaining weight and getting the nutrition they need; it’s a job well done. This is what we are doing… 

After going to the weaning course when Evelyn was 15 weeks it was clear that I was not ready! Not ready for my baby to grow up, not ready for the new type of preparation, not ready for a change to our near perfect daily schedule. However, I knew it was coming and needed to get my head around it all. The advice I was given was that from 17 weeks babies can start to experiment with different fruits and root vegetables alongside their daily milk intake. So at 17 weeks we had a go with some baby rice and apple purée! It went well. We tried others. That went well. I was aware that there are loads of tastes out there so decided to (cheat slightly) buy in. 


Ella’s Kitchen do a fantastic range of Stage 1 foods with a wide range of ingredients for those first tastes. Now, I know homemade is best but look at the variety here! Until I know what she likes/dislikes then this is a great way to get her tasting everything!! Now she is almost 6 months we are starting to have a main and dessert. So here is today’s menu!  

Sweet Potato and Pears! Evelyn eats about half of the small pouches per meal. She has really got the hang of it in the last few weeks. The health visitor now says we need to start cutting down the milk which will be fun!! (I have a very greedy girl!) 

Yum yum yum. X 

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