Why it’s the best job in the world!

So, it’s 5pm and Evelyn is napping in my arms. I should put her down in her cot but something in me loves having her whole hand wrapped around my little finger, her breathing is therapeutic to me now. Sitting here I’ve been thinking about the reasons being a parent is the most rewarding/stressful/messy/selfless/exhausting/crazy experience!

1. We made this

I still can’t get my head around the miracle of reproduction! Our bodies are bloody amazing to make something from bits of both of you. Even after my stressful labour it’s hard to really believe it when they say “Congratulations it’s a girl!” And know that ‘it’ was the same thing moving and growing inside of you. A gross but beautiful miracle!

2. You don’t mind sleep deprivation 

I love Love LOVE my sleep! I could nap anywhere at any time. I loved having my breakfast then going back to bed for an hour! That changes. Big time. The amount of times I felt as though I would pass out whilst feeding…! BUT, you get used to it. Your body takes a couple of hours and uses it to keep you going. You don’t need those long, deep ZZZ’s. I say this whilst my baby is asleep and coming from a baby who slept through at 3 months. But never the less, it’s true.

3. It builds bonds with everyone 

Family, friends, strangers all want to be around you and know your story. Your labour story become your background info to new mum-buddies. Your family come out in droves wanting to witness evey mile stone. You know every mum in a 10 mile radius from music Mondays to rhyme time to messy play. Everyone is on your side! #support!

4. Who me?

Yes YOU. That woman in the mirror with yesterday’s make up and unironed clothes. You just don’t matter anymore (the mirror lady that is). You’d rather spend your time getting your bundle ready and looking her best than yourself. It’s a fact. She’s my calling card now not the price of my handbag (which is also my baby bag). I only shave my legs and paint my nails for swimming (too much info). But hey, how many years have we stressed about appearance… Not anymore!

5. Date nights!!

Ok, she’s only 6 months old but it can be a bit of a relationship blocker when that stain on your top is either food, sick or poo rather than chocolate or red wine! So getting out together as a couple is SO IMPORTANT! I’m not saying every week but once in a while to go out as husband and wife is great (even if it does mean going to see the Avengers). Although the last time we had a day in London we spend most of the time looking at pictures of Evelyn on our phones! #fail

6. Mushy mushy mushy

The obvious. How happy they are when they wake up and look at you. The recognition when they see you. The content snoozing. That’s enough. ❤️

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