Baby got back!! 

Literally. From the baby! Baby weight is a cruel consequence of the wonderful miracle of having a baby. Pretty shitty! I know, I know it’s the body’s way of helping you grow your little bundle of joy…but 6 months later that is a distant memory! 

Weight watchers here I come!!! 

It’s the only thing that has worked for me in the past and I have the luxury of time to plan and prepare nice meals (or so I thought). 8 weeks in and I seemed to plateaux! Then, I seemed to gain a pound or two. So my wonderful WW leader, Kerrie, suggested I take home the class journal!  

The teacher in me loved this!! When you know someone will look over the mountain (or molehill) of food you have consumed over the week and commend the amount of exercise you have done is…. MOTIVATION!! “I will not let you down!!!” I shout to that mirror lady who looks very different to that bride in the picture next to the mirror! (Damn you skinny bride!!) I would really recommend all weight watchers to go out and get a journal! It was such a good idea from Kerrie and I’m going to use it alongside my WW app! X

So, weigh in was this morning and I have lost 2lb! Hooray! I did not have to hide in shame and it worked! Being honest with yourself on what you eat makes sense. You are only cheating yourself! 

3 important things I have learnt about my health this week:

  1. I need to drink more water! I bought a Bubble Bottle and this has helped massively!! 
  2. I must use all of my daily WW points! Starvation does not work! 
  3. Move more! Adam has been telling me this for years but I’d rather come to that conclusion on my own. Pushing Evelyn up the hill takes 30 mins x 2 = 4 pro point! I’ll bank that thank you very much! 

Let’s see what next week will hold!!  


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