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Workout of the day!

My mission to get fit in 12 weeks! I have bought a new weight watchers 12 week journal and have started a daily workout designed by my lovely, fitness crazy husband! I thought I would share my journey and hopefully see my results! If you want to follow along with me then that would be amazing! I wanted to do something manageable and something that wouldn’t take hours out of my day. This photo was taken post workout and I’m still smiling! (Just) image

Monday – Day 1

So, these workouts are designed to be short, sharp bursts of intensity! Remember that. Today we did 4 different exercises back to back for 3 sets. 


Jump squat, Push up, Mountain Climber, Sit up  




   Click for video – Workout of the day!

Set 1 – 21 reps

Set 2 – 15 reps

Set 3 – 9 reps

No rest in between and obviously double up for each leg of the mountain climbers! I am totally unfit and this was a challenge but it took us less than 15 mins and I felt great after! 

Plus Evelyn was watching which gave me an extra boost! 


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