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Workout of the Day #2 

Ok. Tuesday. Day 2! Dreaded burpees on the menu today! Mwaha. I felt really ready for today’s workout. As they are only 10 mins long it’s not too hard to motivate yourself to do it. Plus my ‘personal trainer’ wouldn’t let me forget!

Tuesday – Day 2

Today only has 3 exercise but 5 sets. Short 30 second rest between sets (not long but it gets it over and done with faster!)

Exercises (per set)

Lunges x10

burpees x 10

bear crawls for 10 yards

Click here for video – Workout of the day 2

Just think at the end of this I’ve done 50 burpees!! Wow! Legs are slightly shaking but it wasn’t half as bad as I imagined!

Had my little cheerleader again today which helped loads! Haha.

Have a go!!

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