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Workout of the day #3

Wednesday! Still motivated! Walked up the massive hill with the pram today! Was a workout in itself – treated myself to a caramel latte at the top. Adam has told me that was bad, I should of had a green tea… But they aren’t as tasty! Ho hum! Ok, on to tonight’s mini workout! 

Wednesday – Day 3

Today has even less exercises. 2 to be exact. You will need a kettle bell, if you don’t have one you can use a can in each hand, water bottles or hand weights. 10 sets increasing by 1 rep each time. 

Exercises (pattern)

Kettle bell swing and tuck jump

Set 1 – Kettle bell swing x1, tuck jump x1

Set 2 – Kettle bell swing x2, tuck jump x2 

Set 3 – Kettle bell swing x3, tuck jump x3

 Continue until you get to set 10.   

 I’ve uploaded a video but it’s very short! Workout of the day 3

And that’s it!!! Simple! Sort of! 😄

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