Hospital Bags! What I needed. 

Ok, on the internet there are hundreds of sites telling you what to pack for you and baby for the hospital. What you think you need and what you ACTUALLY need are two very different things! 

I spent nearly a week in hospital and still didn’t need half of the things I packed!! However, there were things that I DIDNT pack that I actually did need in the end! I hope any expectant mums reading this find it useful and any new mums please comment on what you needed if I miss anything! 

What needed for baby: 


Nappies – number 1 pampers were my choice. 4lb+, I did pack some micro nappies but Evelyn was 7lb 12 so they were not needed! 

Wipes – water wipes are the nearest thing to water and cotton wool. Much easier and stay very wet even once opened! Recommended by midwives!

Milk– I breastfed Evelyn for a month after she was born but you don’t know how you or baby will respond. Being in hospital for a week gave me time and support but it’s handy to have some formula. This starter pack comes with pre sterilised teats so you just screw it onto the bottle of milk .

Baby grow/vest – short sleeve, no legs. I packed quite a few of these as they need them under all clothes. 

Sleep suits – they will wear these the majority of their newborn phase. I packed 3. Stock up! Most now come with fold over hands instead of mittens! 

A coming home outfit – pick out something special for coming home in. Have 2 options in different sizes, just in case. 

Snow suit – even if it’s summer have a thinner version of this as you want baby to be warm! We bought a newborn size and it was huge on Evelyn and she looked uncomfortable in the car seat! Check sizes. 

Hats – the hospital will ask if you have a hat for when the baby is first born. I took 3 just in case (3 seemed to be my magic number).

Bibs – if you decide to breastfeed these won’t really be necessary as there is generally no spillage! But I packed a few anyway. 

Muslin cloths – these will be your most used baby item! Handy for everything! Pack lots!! 

That is literally all I packed for baby. Remember you need a nice warm blanket or 2 for post delivery and when they are snuggled in their little hospital cot. 

What I packed for me! 

This is a bit of a longer list! Depending on your delivery and length of hospital stay. Adam had to bring me more clothes but I was in longer than the average delivery! 

  • PJ’s – I don’t like nighties so I took PJs and just lost the bottoms once things got ‘going’. I packed a few different vest tops.
  • Toiletries – I had a shower after delivery so pack minis of what you like to use to make you feel like you again. Hairbrush and hair bands!!!
  • Pads – breast and sanitary! Get maternity for both, it’s all uncomfortable but roll with it. 
  • Nursing Bras – I started wearing mine towards the end of my pregnancy as they are comfortable! 
  • BIG BLACK PANTS – for obvious reasons. 
  • Thick socks – or slippers for walking to the loo. 
  • Clothes – preferably loose and comfortable! 
  • Snacks – chocolate, water, lucazade. Anything that will give you and energy boost for during and after! 
  • Nursing cushion – for feeding baby, for your pack, as a cushion. Very handy. 
  • Change – have loads of change ready for the car park (at our hospital you could buy a week pass for around £7 which was very handy). Also for vending machines or the cafe. 
  • Camera – I wanted NO pictures of me during labour but you need to capture those first moments. I ended up having an emergency c-section and one of the nurses took the camera and captured all the key moments for us. Amazing…


That is generally all that you need! Plus, you will be in a hospital so if there is anything of importance that you have missed they will be able to help! Have it all by the door and make sure to take your notes! 

I had a stressful labour but it hasn’t put me off and I would do it all again! ❤️  

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