Just for you… πŸ’—

Today’s world is a very busy place (no matter what you do). Sometimes the ‘busy‘ might be work, home, family or just the thoughts in your head. It’s a good idea to take some time out of each day just for YOU! It might be something that lasts a minute or an hour! 5 long, soothing deep breaths, a cup of tea, a daydream out of the window, a chapter of your book, half an hour of crochet, a glass of wine or (as I am doing right now) a soak in the tub! A soak in the tub with bubbles, a green tea, a candle and some lavender oil to be precise! 

When I was pregnant I made sure to do something for me each day. Something non-baby related! When you are pregnant it’s all people want to talk to you about. You become your bump! Your bump becomes you! I made sure to get my hair done every month, sit in silence for an hour after each working day (this was usually when baby decided to have a disco in my uterus), drink a glass of diet coke out of my favourite champagne glass or have lunch on my own… 

 It always made me feel like me again. 

This isn’t so easy once baby arrives. You can just ‘down tools’ and pour a glass of wine. You take your moments with a lot more care and thought. Leave the wash basket, leave the broccoli on the floor, leave the dishes. It’s you time!! Post bedtime becomes 2 and a half hours of ‘grown up time’. Usually spent on Instagram or… 

😊 I have found crochet to be my escape space, my zone out, my chill time. I would recommend anyone to give it a go! If you only ever succeed in making a line or a square. It’s therapeutic properties are amaZing! 

It is so important to remember that a baby adds to your life but it doesn’t consume it! You are still YOU! Don’t get me wrong, they do make your life a whole better place and words can’t describe how much you will love them! But, you are still YOU! Remember that! πŸ˜‰β€οΈ

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