Evelyn is 6 months old! 6 months and I have only just sat down to fill out her baby books! We have 2 that were both bought as presents for us. 

Here are my 4 tips for making sure you record those precious memories for a lifetime

1. Start a memory box

Along with this blog I also have started a memory box with small things that I have collected since her birth. A real mix of random, meaningful, important and sentimental (some might say wtf is that?! Lol).   

In her memory box so far we have…

  • The paper from the day she was born! 
  • The baby grow she first wore.
  • The blanket she was wrapped in. 
  • Her two ankle tags.
  • The sheet from her crib. 
  • Her cord clip (gross haha).
  • The label from her first prescription. 
  • Two of her first cards. 
  • Two bracelets bought by family. 
  • A whinnie the pooh box with a lock of her hair. 
  • A personalised bib from her first Christmas!
  • A cork from the bottle of champagne we opened the day we bought her home! 

The things in her box aren’t expensive, big or important but they are little things that all have a story behind them. Hopefully things she will come to treasure! 

2. Milestone Baby Cards

When she was about a month old I found these amazing cards for the milestones of her life!! They help keep a photographic record of each week, month or event! If you love taking photos as much as I do they are perfect! 


3. Photo albums

I desperately need to print some of my photos so I can have hard copies! If I ever lost my phone, iPad or hard drive I would be devastated!! Plus I think we live in a generation where photos aren’t permanent and it’s important to have some that are! I must take 30 pics a day and I do delete a few but I want her to have lots to look back on! I have loads of picture of me when I was little and it’s so nice to reminisce.  I know ther are loads of sites that produce photobooks which are a great idea! I think I might create a photobook for every year of her life. 

4. Baby Books

As time consuming as these baby books can be it’s a great way of looking back on the timeline of your little ones growth. It’s best to keep on top of them as you soon forget how they change and at what point they do certain things (I need to listen to this! Haha).  My parents still have my baby book!! 

Happy memory making! Xx

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