What’s in my baby bag! 

How does a little person need so much??  
So a few people have asked me to do a blog on the things I carry around on a daily basis in my bag! 

Mummy’s luxuries!

Now, once baby comes you soon realise you can’t carry a handbag as well as a baby bag! My things consist of 

  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Purse 
  • Lip balm! 

These all have their own little pocket inside the Pandora’s box of Evelyn’s necessities! 

The bag!!  

 My bag was bought as a gift for me by my lovely mother-in-law (I use this one for ‘best’ as I also have a Silver Cross one that suits day to day and matches my pram). This one is called a PacaPod and is really helpful for the organised mum! It comes with 2 pods that can be removed for convenience.  One for feeding and one fochanging! 

Feeding time at the zoo! 

As Evelyn has started on solids I don’t really ever carry more than one bottle around with me. I use the sterilised water from her Perfect Prep machine and take the powder seperate. I found these cute little tommee tippee tubs that fit a perfect portion of her puréed meals. I LOVE Ella’s kitchen for fruit purées so I always have a pouch of something sweet for her desert!  When your little one turns 17 weeks your health visitor will recommend giving them water out of a sippy cup (the water needs to free flow so they develop the ability to swallow without having sucked). 

Tommee Tippee Anti Colic bottles £13.99 for 2, Triple powder pot £2.50, Tommee Tippee feeding pots £2.99 for 4, Munchkin Spoons £2.50 for 6, Ella’s Kitchen small purées 80p, Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup £1.99

Changing Habits!  

This picture says I all. 3 nappies are usually enough for a few hours out of the house! I’ve tried other wipes but Pampers are by far the best for us! Evelyn hasn’t really suffered too badly with nappy rash but it’s always good to carry some form of cream just in case! 


Pampers nappies £4.00 for 29 (lots of deals around), Pampers wipes £1.00 for 64, Sudocrem £2.99 for 125g. 


Skin and Body

I have used all of the Johnsons products on Evelyn from bubble bath to shampoo to body lotion and she has never had a reaction to it. All babies skins are different so use what works for you! Sun cream is so important, don’t get caught out, have a little tube in your bag. The healthy start vitamin drops are available from your local baby centre or clinic (and are free!!) Everyone is entitled to them so go get yours!    

Johnsons baby lotion £1.25, Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Factor 50 £3.99. 

Now these guys vary on a day to day basis (depending on what’s to hand as we leave the house!) However it is good to keep it new and fresh so your little one doesn’t get bored of playing with the same toys. You need to be able to distract them when you drink your lukewarm skinny, caramel latte!! Sophie Le Giraffe is a world wide classic and is great to bite down those sore gums on! Anything you can attach to the car seat or high chair is a winner and stumps their I’ll just keep throwing it on the floor game!! (We’re on to you babies!!!). Iggle Piggle is a new favourite! 


Whatever you carry round with you make sure it’s useful and empty those costa receipts out every now and again! 😊👍

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