Evelyn’s school day! 

We had a lovely day today going into school. We went in to help with the Year 2’s Science topic. They are leaning  about babies and how to look after a baby and my good friend, Vicky, asked if we could go in to do a question and answer session!

We were so impressed with the questions the lovely children came up with! All very sensible, well written and superbly delivered! They all sat with their questions written on their white boards and waited patiently for their turn. It was clear that they have learnt lots from this topic as their questions were really varied and well thought out. I especially liked how they started each question with the phrase “I wonder.. ” They used these question stems to help them develop their questions.

 These are some of their ideas:

I wonder why babies have different cries? 

I wonder what babies eat?

I wonder what makes babies cry? 

I wonder when babies crawl/ walk? 

I wonder when babies get teeth? 

I wonder why babies look like their mums or dads? 

All such sensible questions and then they wrote the answers down ready for their science books!

Evelyn had a great time being fussed over by all of the Year 2’s. They were gentle, quite and really kind to Evelyn!

Thank you so much Bluebells and Buttercups for having us in! Hope to see you soon! 


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