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Sweet For My Sweet 

Just a quick post to share how much Evelyn is loving the baby sweet corn!

She is getting much better at finger foods and has really got the hang of ‘gumming’ and sucking what I put on her tray. Although she still turns her nose up at the cucumbers! (No matter how I cut them to try and trick her)

Corn is a good source of phenolic flavonoid antioxidant, ferulic acid. Several research studies suggest that ferulic acid plays vital role in preventing cancers, aging, and inflammation in humans.
Further, it contains healthy amounts of some important minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese. 

Having been ‘told off’ by the health visitor on Monday that she is still having too much milk, we are really experimenting with different snacks.

Acording to the health visitor she needs 16-17oz of milk (or milk based produce) over a 24 hour period. She has been having 3 bottles of 6oz which equals 18! Only 1oz too much?!! However her porridge (although made with water has dried milks) amounts to 1.5oz and her afternoon Yoghurt amounts to 1.5oz – an extra 3oz that I hadn’t counted! 🙈 farrrrrr too much milk!! Hence the sweetcorn to distract from the lack of afternoon yoghurt!
It’s all a learning curve but we are having fun with it!!

We were also able to snap this card today! Another milestone ticked off. Xx

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