Clean, Clean, Clean 

Whilst on maternity leave you begin to feel slightly like a hamster on it’s wheel. Going round and round but getting nowhere. Undertaking the same tasks day in, day out. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving being off, spending all of my time with my baby and making memories! However, coming from teaching where each day offers new challenges and different situations, the monotony can be overwhelming.

Just because we are home all day doesn’t mean we have the time to be a Stepford housewife! When Evelyn was first born I used to spring out of bed filled with energy for the day (so random!!!!) and she would pretty much sleep all day long! I would sit staring at her. Waiting for her little movements. Potter around her little chair and anticipate her feeding time.

Now she’s nearly 7 months. She wakes early. Eager to play. Wanting your attention. Not napping in the day for longer than half an hour (unless being held… Until dead arm sets in).

These have become my main reasons/excuses for why I am unable to be a Stepford Housewife!

1. She’s scared of the Hoover! This is actually very true and I have witnesses to prove it! Now there are a few theories behind this. Either; loud, instant noises scare her sensitive little ears. Orrrrrrr I do not Hoover enough. It is safe to say this theory is the more accurate!

This is how she watches as I bring it in. Then screams! 

2. She can’t crawl yet so she needs everything at arms length. The rug is her perimeter. She has a variety of toys that she likes to play with and it helps to just sit her amongst them! Why not. She’s the queen of her estate and I am just a humble servant!

3. Baby led weaning = more food on the floor!!  We have wooden floors throughout our house so this makes baby led clear up slightly easier. Note to self: rice cakes and Rusks feel like slime ones chewed and stick to everything! I measured Evelyn’s flick radius to around a meter so she needs to be around a meter from walls or TV!!

4. She weighs HOW MUCH?? So at nearly 7 months she weights nearly 18lb! Add on a car seat and your looking at around 2st!! There are 14 stairs to get to my front door. Nipping to the shops becomes a weight lifting mission! “So no, I haven’t got dinner, sorry babe!” Even whilst out and about getting the pram in and out of the car is annoying. Hence why I am forever grateful to Harris and Hoole for opening a coffee shop at our local Tesco. Worth every step of struggle for these inappropriate foam patterns!

5. Didn’t I just wash that?!?  In a previous blog I said how it is unimportant how I look anymore. It’s all about Evelyn!! However, the girl gets through more clothes than I care to admit! (As does my husband). The tendency to feel like Wishy Washy can be overwhelming! So, when Adam comes home to find only Evelyn’s clothes on the washing line I can only apologise! “She won’t fit in that much longer, she needs to get her wear out of it!!” – sorry babe!

I would rather leave a sink full of dishes, a basket for of laundry and a carpet full of toys to spend time with my girl. Out and about making memories!

Life spent cleaning is a life wasted! 

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