Granny Square Wool Bag

So, I saw this on Pinterest and thought it looked quite easy! 

I’ve started making a stripe blanket out of these 3 colours:

I thought it would look nice to do the bag in the same colours, so if it is on show it matches with something!

Here is what I’ve done so far!  

  • First chain 5.
  • Inset hook into first stitch and do a slip stitch to form a circle.
  • Chain 4 (this will act as your first triple crochet.
  • Complete 4 clusters of 3 triples with 3 chains on the corners.

  • Change your colour for the next 3 rows.
  • On these rows you must chain 1 between each cluster.

  • Change colour again.
  • Complete one more row of clusters as before to form a border. (I did a row of 2 as my boarder)

Repeat to make 5 granny squares.

  • Attach your squares into an L type shape.

  • Attach all edges to the bottom square until you have a bag!

  • I added a little trimming to the top edge. Just a double crochet stitch.


  • Add a row of double crochet handles and your done!

Mind is a larger bag than the one I found on Pinterest but I wanted to fit more yarn in it. It’s a little messy but as a first attempt I’m happy!

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