Baby, Snoozing

The Land of Nod

Tired… Zzzzzzzzz

Heinsight is a wonderful thing! Especially with a baby! 

“If only I’d of changed that nappy 10 minutes ago” – post explosion!

“I should have fed her that bottle before we left the cafe” – post car melt down 

“I am never drinking again… Why is she so loud!!” – post night out Prosecco

This has become even clearer with Evelyn’s sleeping situation of late. She has always been a fantastic sleeper! As a newborn she created her own little feeding pattern, waking in the night at 12, 3am and 6am. Going back down until 8:30am! We have had a right result with her. Hense why I have put off moving her into her own room!! The health visitor did say to keep her with us until she is 6 months – so that’s what we did!

So at 6 months we go everything ready for her being in her own room!

  • A cot bumper
  • A video monitor
  • A musical mobile
  • A fitted cot sheet

We were all ready!!!

We continued the usual bedtime routine but in her new room. Same bottle, same grow bag, same music, same dark room! She has been going down as normal… Peaceful…. Fast asleep!  Until around 1am, “DUMMY!!” Then around 3am “DUMMMMMYYYY!!” Then around 5am “Good morning Mummy!!” Seriously babba what’s going on here??? We are going backwards. We are no used to this. We thought we had moved past sleep deprivation.

In heinsight we should have put her in her own room earlier. Before she was more aware of her surroundings. She’s  become used to the sound of our breathing, the smells of our room! I know it’s early days but I think next time we will start the transition earlier. I will also use her cot for daytime naps from a lot earlier! (Heinsight!! Haha)

This was her today! Fast asleep for half an hour! 

So, tonight… She has had a nice long, warm bubble bath. We have given her some hungry baby milk and scattered numerous glow in the dark dummies!

Fingers crossed! Need some zzzzz’s!

Shall update you soon!! Xx

2 thoughts on “The Land of Nod”

  1. Stretch the top you been wearring that day ( ideally next to your skin) over her mattress and let her fall asleep on that. I know it sounds weird but babies have a fantastic sense of smell and she’ll get comfort from it. Also use the music that she falls to sleep with when she wakes up. Good luck x

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