Super Mum to the rescue!!!! 

So, having been on a master class course to becoming a mother (nearly 7months into an 18 year degree!) I have come to realise that there are talents that get taught along the way! Tests we must pass. Qualifications we adopt in order to gain merit! Every new mum develop these particular skills without realising. Mother Nature kicks in and helps you step up to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These are the things I feel have made me a Supermum!!


As I have stated in a previous blog, carrying a car seat is a skill. Especially when baby is asleep. Arriving back from Tesco. Dozing baby. 3 bags of shopping (containing bulky items such as washing powder, milk and diet coke which obviously was 2 for £2! Grrrr) plus the baby bag. Oh joy, it’s raining! Take a deep breath!!!!! Baby bag sling across body, shopping bags acting like a cheese slice on your inner arm, car seat on other arm! Result! Wait….. Keys…. F#*k! SUPERMUMMMMM! Manages to get keys without dropping anything, get keys in the door and everything into the front room with baby still dozing!


So, it’s 5:30pm. Husband isn’t back from work yet. Baby is getting restless and ready for dinner. I’m hungry and want to get our dinner going too. Cbeebies has run it’s course for the day and interest has faded. She wants mummy cuddles. SUPERMUMMMM!! Baby in one arm (watching tentitively), searching cupboards for babyfood jar (no judging), finding bowl, emptying contents and placing in microwave, wok sizzling in the background, opening window as not to set off smoke alarm, finding disposable bibs and running the bath, where is the bath thermometer? All the time humming ‘Wind the bobbin up’ and face timing the grandparents!  Multitasking goddess!


This is natures talent. Whether it be our smell; the crease of our arm; the sound of our voice or breathing or the general contentment we exhale… We posses magic sleep dust. Which is lovely… So so so lovely. 93% of the time. 1% of the time I’ve just poured a hot tea (not ideal to drink when holding a baby). 2% of the time I’ve just been delivered something yummy and crumbly (bits in baby’s hair isn’t the best). 4% of the time I desperately need a wee!!! Apart from these times it is lovely.


I’ve always thought I had terrible hearing. Adam has to repeat himself a lot (but that might be because he mumbles and generally talks nonsense 😊). I have mastered the ability to shut out noise (especially at school). However, another talent is being able to hear the slightest, most minimal squeak that escapes from the mouth of my pudding. Last night for example: film blaring, dish washer sloshing, Adam snoring… Evelyn coughs and my ears prick up. Ad! AD, go check on her. He hasn’t appreciated my super human hearing one bit. Oh, if your passing the kitchen just bring the rest of the red wine in! 👍

5. SPEED!!!

Not the drug. Although a times you might think you could use some – caffine is a more legal replacement! Probably cheaper too! Until you become a mother you won’t quite understand the possibilities of 15 minutes without a baby/ while baby sleeps/ while cbeebies is entertaining. The to-do list duplicates on a never ending cycle so you have to choose your tasks carefully. During ‘Bing’  (an annoying, whiny, selfish rabbit) which lasts 12 minutes… I managed to:

  • Wash and sterilise bottles
  • Repack baby bag
  • Pick outfit for Evelyn
  • Shower
  • Dress
  • Makeup (in a fashion)
  • Clear away breakfast bowls
  • Run bath for Evelyn!

It’s amazing how your brain is already working on the next task as it is undertaking the previous! By far my favourite power! However, there are the odd occasions where I am offered these chunks of time and I stare into space… Not even blinking. Shallow breathing. Still. It’s one extreme or the other! No middle ground. Warp speed or frozen!

Everyone has their own super talents! As long as you have a little face smiling up at you and you love your life… You have got it right! You are A Supermum!! ❤️

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