Letters to Evelyn

Happy 2 Months 

Dear Evelyn,

January 2015 – New Year with friends and family.

You are growing so fast. You are not a newborn anymore. You are showing your personality and the things you like and dislike are very clear. You like music, singing and being rocked when you are sleepy. You don’t like waiting for your bottle and you really don’t like it when your bottle runs out! You are a hungry baby…. that’s a fact! You are very calm, sociable and not an attention seeker in the slightest. You like fuss but don’t act up for it. Your sleeping is getting much better. Still a bottle or two in the night which is tough on mummy and it wakes up poor daddy so he is very tired at work. But you are worth it. It is very cold outside so we have been spending a lot of time in the house. We have been going to baby groups and have met a few new friends. I cant believe how big you are starting to look in your car seat, when we bought you home from the hospital you were a tiny little doll in there… now you fill it! Loving our chunky monkey.            

lots of new memories made this month… more to come next month. Love you. xxx

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