Letters to Evelyn

Happy 3 Months

Dear Evelyn,

February 2015 – Lots of love for the Valentine month.

We finally got a giggle out of you and it was the best sound in the world. You are getting used to Mummy constantly having her camera in your face and are learning that if you smile at it then it goes away quicker. You are sleeping a lot less in the day and a lot more at night. This month you finally slept through the night (which was lovely for mummy!!!) You had your first lot of injections which was harder for me than it was for you. You were so brave… only a little cry… then back to sleep. You didn’t get any symptoms and it didn’t make you ill. This was great because it meant we could go swimming for the first time! We were so excited and were so happy we were able to take some pictures of you in the pool. You weren’t quite sure about it, although you LOVE the bath!

        You are getting so strong and are already starting to hold your head up and support yourself. This picture is of you at baby group sitting in the bumbo. You love baby group and have made loads of new friends.   You are not too keen on the door bouncer… think you need to be a little heavier so your feet touch the floor.

  We also bought you a baby bjorn sling! It has been great to nip to the shops and into London. I have got the hang of getting you in and out of it on my own and you love being able to see the world around you.  What will next month have in store… xxx

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