Letters to Evelyn

Happy Birth Baby Girl

Dear Evelyn…

This week our world changed!

We were given the miracle of you! You have total turned us upside down! We never new how much we could love until we saw your beautiful (but squishy) face!! Although your birth was pretty long, drawn out and stressful (for me, Daddy and Nannie Tess at least) you came bursting through the ‘sun roof’ lungs full of air and arms and legs waving around. It was magical. Noone can prepare you for becoming a parent. Except you. We got to learn your personality and your temperament from the very first day. 

We brought you home and our little journey began. We were terrified! We were overwhelmed! We were exhausted! But we were so excited to spend every minute of the day looking at your beautiful sleeping face. You are so small, but so perfect.

  All of your tiny little movements and sounds make us smile and we cant wait to see what else you will bring to our lives.

 This is only the beginning darling. We love you. xxx

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