Happy 4 Months

Dear Evelyn,

March 2015 – So it’s the end of March and I cant believe how big you are!

You are growing into such a sweet, smiley, beautiful girl and we are already so proud of you. This month we took you on the underground for the first time. You slept pretty much the whole time but we were able to introduce you to our favourite restaurant Le Mercury in Highbury and Islington. We celebrated our first mothers day which was amazing! Last year on mothers day I was pregnant with you but it was still early days and we hadn’t told anyone yet (not even your Nannies and Grandads!) You are getting stronger every day and you are starting to roll yourself from side to side. Not quite over yet but I’m sure it wont be long!!     Us in Le Mercury, you got loads of attention from passers by in the window. You were so well behaved and everyone commented on how cute and smiley you are.   This month we started putting you into your big girls cot for day time naps. Surprisingly you really liked it… until Daddy accidentally broke your musical mobile… oh well!     This month you have decided you like the door bouncer (although you still need a blanket under your feet and you are still not quite heavy enough).   Your amazingly talented Auntie Libby came over this month and took some pictures of you with her fancy camera. She got loads of great shots but this is by far my favourite. Beautiful, big, blue eyes!  This is us on Mothers Day. Nannie Linda, Grandad Malcolm, Nannie Tess and Grandad Col Col all enjoyed having a nice Sunday lunch.   You and your gorgeous little friend Grace. We have been going to baby group with her and her mummy, Laura, since you were both a few weeks old.  What a jam packed month! Wonder what April will hold! xXx

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