Teething Fairy! 

It’s been a while now…. The teething process…. The symptoms of teething…. The agony! Poor little babies having to go endure those pesky ‘toothy pegs’ slowly pushing through their sore gums. One at a time. Not really understanding why or how they will be useful in the future. Evelyn has had pretty much every symptom to teething. They actually started at around 3 months. They come and go, increase and ease off. Today whilst feeding I swear I saw two white shades on her bottom gum. The excitement was overwhelming! Hahaha. Even I laughed as I wrote that sentence. Ridiculous how motherhood changes your excitement triggers.

So her symptoms have been these (in order from what I can remember)

  • Dribbling constantly, to the point where she has developed eczema under her chin because of it.
  • Red cheeks – no temperature just rosey cheeks!
  • Everything in her mouth– she comes at you like Hannibal!
  • Strong smelling wee – gross but this is apparently linked to the excess saliva they produce. Causing quite acidic urine. Which can then lead to nappy rash (a symptom we have yet avoided). 

Along the way I have picked up a few teething remedies to try out. I’m not against medicines but we have tried a variety of things.

These have been the top 5 things we have tried so far!  
1. Sophie Le Giraffe – a squeaky toy that has become very popular. The material is painted with non-toxic food paint and has lots of extremities to chew on. Evelyn loves her and she comes everywhere with us!

2. Ashton and Parsons infant powders – A natural, gentle remedy to teething. I sprinkle a bit on her dummy and it just eases the ache slightly. You can see her really relax. I only use one sachet a day but they are all herbal.

3. Dentinox Teething Gel – Nannie Linda bought this and it works a treat at night time. This is when her teething starts to flare up. A bit on her gums or dummy as we put her down.

4. Teething Rings – She has only just got the hang of these, she realises they are not food and throws them on the floor. She is beginning to use them properly though.

5. Fresh Food Holder – These are great to use with frozen fruits and veggies. Pop it in the little mesh bag and they can suck it through. Using frozen foods also helps soothe her gums.

And if all else fails – Calpol is always the answer! 

I found this really useful chart to show when babies teeth come in. Obviously, all babies are different and this might not be the case with all babies but its a good illustration.

teething chart

When babies start teething, the order of the process generally proceeds along in fairly predictable stages. First come the two lower middle teeth; next, the four upper middle teeth arrive, and after that come incisors, the furthest forward molars and finally the back molars. The first teeth may be the easiest for many babies because the teeth are sharp and thin, so they make it through the gum tissue with less trouble than the broad molars do.

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