Letters to Evelyn

Happy 6 Months!

Dear Evelyn,

May 2015 – Spring has sprung! I cannot believe it has been half a year since you were born.It seems like a lifetime ago but it also feels like you have grown so quickly. This month you have made me smile and laugh loads! Your personality is blooming! You are: scared of the hoover, blender and hairdryer. You are loving: kisses, ‘wind the bobbin up’, any kind of singing and sweet foods. You give daddy the biggest smiles when he walks into the room after a day at work and are finally sleeping through then night in your own room! You are enjoying sleeping on your side and keep scaring me when you roll onto your tummy! You seem to be comfortable like that. This month you visited the zoo with Nannie Linda, Auntie Laura and Auntie Libby! You are a solid sitter-upper and you are starting to push yourself backwards! I love your little face and your chubby cheeks and even your little crying face (sorry). We are due some lovely weather in June so looking forward to taking you out and about… love you. xxx


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