Marvelous Mothers

With every new day I can guarantee that every new mother questions herself. Questions the decisions she makes and the route she takes in raising her little bundle. I am one of these mothers. I doubt myself daily but in the end go with my gut. You have to, you have to be strong and stick to your guns!  These are some of the massive decisions that I constantly battle with on a daily basis…

1. Television Time!

INITIAL THOUGHT– Cbeebies. Amazing. Captivates my daughter for hours on end. I can clean, cook, shower, sterilise bottles…lalalala…

PANIC – OMFG my child is going to have square eyes, she won’t be able to entertain herself without it. She’ll grow up thinking the characters are her real friends… she wont listen to a word we say…. we will end up using TV time as rewards and punishments. We even watch it when she’s napping… I laugh at their jokes like a crazy person whilst rocking on the floor.

CONCLUSION – Aimee, she watches it for an hour at most… you leave the house every day. Cbeebies has a lot of educational information. Calm the f*#k down!!


2. Baby Food

INITIAL THOUGHT – These pouches are so quick and easy, she actually really loves them…. especially the italian selection…. so many ingredients… she hasn’t had any reactions to it… her cute little face when she sees the pouch… lalalala..

PANIC – OMFG I am literally the worst mother in the world. I have only made like 5 trays of my own food. God knows what she will turn out like…. probably obese, probably a picky eater…. probably hate me!

CONCLUSION – Aimee, the pouches are all 100% natural ingredients, tried and tested, offering a range of different flavours, she also loves your food and has really enjoyed all her finger food. She will soon be eating proper food. Calm the f#&k down!!!


3. Bedtime

INITIAL THOUGH – “Oh, look at the time, its past your bedtime sweetie”… We’ll leave your bath tonight, maybe we’ll have a story instead. “I’ll have another small glass of wine seeing as we are at the pub, she’s sleeping in her buggy anyway.”

PANIC – I am THAT mother. That mother who leaves her poor, tired, poor, poor baby sleeping in her buggy while I laugh and have fun! It’s always past her bedtime. You don’t care about her routine, she’ll never sleep, she’ll HATE you!

CONCLUSION – Jez Aimee. Right. She sleeps for 9+ hours every night. You are blessed. She doesn’t mind a change in routine and will still sleep, she sleeps anywhere. If it is past her bedtime, she doesn’t actually know as she can’t tell the time!! You deserve that extra drop of wine. Calm the f*#k down!!!

aimees iphone 2014 15 2516

In the end you have to ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. Is your baby happy?
  2. Is your baby healthy?
  3. Are you happy being a mummy?

If the answer is yes then you are doing a great job, don’t stress. Enjoy every precious moment!

good mother 2

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