Loosing Baby Fat!

So, Evelyn is 7 months old and I am still holding on to more pounds than I care to admit. I have always gained weight quite easily and during pregnancy this was no exception!! I loved my bump more than anything and really enjoyed the glow and feel of pregnancy… 

I want to be frank and honest on this blog so I will admit that I did put on around 30lbs during pregnancy. I have managed to shift around 10lb since the birth but my pre-pregnancy weight was my post-wedding weight which I was really happy with. I lost quite a lot for my wedding through exercise and determination and would love to be back at this weight again…


I recently downloaded the My Fitness Pal app which also has a website (click to visit site) I set my daily calorie allowance to 1200 calories and tracked everything I ate. I love that the app has the ability to scan bar codes – makes it sooo much easier to track and keep your diary up to date.

 This is what I ate today. Just over 1200 calories!

Breakfast – Oats so simple and skimmed milk
Lunch– chicken, prawn and bean sprout stir fry with broccoli and asparagus.
Dinner – chicken, bacon, broccoli with cauliflower rice.
Snacks – a banana and a crunchie!

I have been tracking for just over a week now and it hasn’t been as hard as I thought. There was the odd day I felt a little hungry but you start to get to know little low calorie treats to keep you going.

Breakfast is a big thing for me. I NEED MY BREAKFAST! So I’ve decided, next week, to try split my 1200 like this:

  • Breakfast max – 250
  • Lunch max – 400
  • Dinner max – 400
  • Snacks max – 150

In total I have lost 3.5lb. Which I am really chuffed with! I wouldn’t say I have been particularly strict. I had birthday cake on Saturday, a glass of wine Sunday, a galaxy chocolate bar on Monday but I have tracked it all.

I really recommend this app and will keep you up to date with the progress!

I’m going to try and Instagram my daily 1200 to show how I’ve kept within it. Follow my Instagram account @myevelynandme 

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