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My Pregnancy Story

Pregnancy, noun – the state, condition or quality of being with offspring. Period of time between conception and delivery. 

If only it was that simple. If only it was that uncomplicated! Pregnancy brings about a whole new set of emotions, fears, excitements, dreams, worries and plans. I strongly believe that your body and brain needs the full 40 weeks to prepare for the life changing miracle of life (and the birth!!)  I would consider my pregnancy a really enjoyable one. Minus the morning sickness and induction that led to an emergency cesarean. The middle bit was lovely and I really enjoyed learning as I grew… Here is a short roundup of my 40 weeks (+5 days) of bumphood!


The 1st Trimester – aka, “shhhhhh…. bleugh…. SURPRISE!”

Events: So, before we decided to start trying for a baby we had booked a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Las Vegas and California! (I was 10 weeks pregnant during the trip) Thanks to Adam’s wonderful parents we had the most amazing time and the fact that I couldn’t drink or go on many rides at Disneyland couldn’t dampen my spirits! Telling our parents was amazing. Adam was very casual about it all, dropping it into Sunday lunch conversation. I however got a fit of giggles which made mum paranoid we were laughing at her. All in all very special memories. Not drinking was hard. I did have a little tipple at Paul and Laura’s wedding and a champagne magnum (not as exciting as it sounded) but it was fine.

Me:Morning sickness hit me with a vengeance at around 8 weeks. Right in the middle of me teaching maths to my Year 2 children. Luckily I had a fantastic Teaching Assistant who saw my pale face signal and took over for 10 minutes! (Thanks Saad!!) I couldn’t wait to get a bump but that didn’t emerge until my second trimester. I felt different but it wasn’t very obvious to the outside world.

The 2nd Trimester – aka, “Kick!!… ahhhh…. lovely!”

Events: Our babymoon to Ibiza (another holiday planned before we got pregnant). Hmmmm, all inclusive hotel with my alcohol loving family (DON’T DENY IT LANGLEY-FOOTITTS). Drinking lemonade and lime in a champagne glass with a baby bump definitely gets you some looks!! We had our second scan and it was amazing! I was sure I saw a little winky but that was obviously cord (haha). Seeing all around the body of your little one, counting their fingers and toes, seeing the chambers of their heart beating… magical.

Me: So, so, sooooo happy that the morning sickness subsided and I felt amazing! This trimester is lovely. I had a cute, neat little bump. I would come home from School, lie on the sofa and the kicks would start! You imagine it would feel like an alien inside you but it is strangely reassuring feeling the butterflies and knocks of your baba. Also, hair was thicker and shinier than ever!!! WIN!  

The 3rd Trimester – aka, “ENOUGH…. waddle… panic!” 

 Events: We had a 4D scan around 7 months and I cannot recommend it enough. Adam was scared that it would look like a ‘melted candle’ and would ‘freak us out’. I was just excited to see my baby again. Only having 2 scans across 40 weeks makes a control freak like me a bit twitchy! As we didn’t know the gender the sonographer kept to the head of the baby which I think helped it not looks so freaky. I could have watched the monitor all day. I added the picture of Adam in Nike as it was a funny moment I will always remember. Conversation went something like this:

Ad – “Babe, I think I should get a tracksuit for when you are in labour, it’s going to be long and I want to be comfortable… Jeans just aren’t.”

Aimee – “Riiiiiggggghhhhhttt”.

That is him buying said tracksuit. He would like to add that he was VERY comfortable! Cheers babe.

Me: At Michelle and Darren’s wedding I was eight and a half months pregnant! I was very swollen by this point. Had gained a shoe size which wasn’t great! Maternity bras are amazing and I started finding comfort in wearing them… all the time. The pregnancy ‘waddle’ was in full swing and I would advise anyone with pregnant friends to steer clear of commenting on this waddle. It gets soo annoying. Heartburn!!!!!!! I had hairy baby, the rumors are true! Stick with it. 

aimees iphone 2014 15 905

40 weeks later the baby is here. The same baby that you carried around with you day after day. Sleepless night after sleepless night. All magical. All special. All worth it… 

aimees iphone 2014 15 1760

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