Top 10 Books to Read to Young Children

Teacher mode! I recently wrote a post on the importance of reading from a young age, For the Love of Reading. Books are massively important to me and I hope that they will be to Evelyn too. I will make sure she knows which were my favourite, which my mum read to me and which I think she will enjoy. 

The act of reading to your baby, newborn, toddler and even baby bump have many benefits;

  1. Voice: The sound of your voice while reading is different to your normal speaking voice. It has the ability to become soothing and create a calming atmosphere.
  2. BondingWhen your baby is small enough to sit still on your lap, reading can be a special time of day or night that you spend together.
  3. Preperation for their own reading: Sitting there watching you turn each page and point things out in the pictures helps children to decode stories. If they see this from an early age you will notice they anticipate the end of each page and wait for questions. Babies also notice the change in colourful pictures.
  4. Vocabulary: Being read a variety of different book or even the same books again and again will develop children’s speaking and writing vocab. They will also use the words they have heard and associate them with their surroundings. Also, reading rhyming stories will help massively (for their school years) as recognising rhyme is very hard to teach.
  5. If you enjoy it, they’ll enjoy itChildren are more likely to enjoy something that they see their parents enjoying or valuing. If you have lots of books for them to explore they will begin to love it too!

Having taught Year 1 (5-6 year olds) the stories I will recommend are ones that we would use during Story Time. The excitement on a child’s face when they see their teacher reading a story they know it priceless! They feel like they are the cleverest child in the room. This is what every teacher hopes they can promote within their children. Confidence is difficult to build but easy to knock down.

These are a variety of books for different ages but you can read any book to a child or baby as long as you enjoy it and bring some life to it…

Baby to toddler:

  1. Dear Zoo – Lift the flap book featuring a variety of animals and why they wouldn’t make the best pets.
  2. Each Peach Pear Plum –Rhyming story featuring all our favourite story time characters. Anything by the Ahlbergs is a total winner!
  3. Elmer – A nice message about a patchwork elephant that just wanted to be the same as the other elephants until he realised everyone loved him for who he was. Hear me read this here.
  4. The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson is a genius. This is a must read for all children. A wonderful story about a clever mouse and his journey through the forest.
  5. Little Rabbit Foo Foo – What a silly story this one is!! The horrid little rabbit Foo Foo is not nice to the members of the enchanted forest and gets whats coming to him! A story about consequences. Kids LOVE this one! Repetitive stories are a winner.
  6.  The Rainbow Fish – A nice story about a beautiful fish who finds friendship when he shares. The pages are filled with shiny, sparkly scales. What more do you need from a book?
  7. Where The Wild Things Are – A story about a naughty boy who gets sent to his room and lost in his imagination. The illustrations in this book make it so special!
  8. Alfie – Any of the Alfie collection is beautiful. Alfie Gets in First, Alfie’s New Shoes! All help you fall in love with the characters. Hear me read Alfie Gets in First here.
  9. Winnie the Witch – Another classic collection of stories about the clumsy witch, Winnie and her cat Wilbur.
  10. Funny Bones – Another from the Ahlbergs. One of my favourites. Lots of repetition again and really helps with story sequencing! (Might also help avoid fear of the dark!) And a World Book Day costume classic! haha Sorry Kirsten xx


Whatever you decide to read…. just read…. together…. xxx

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