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Yummy In my Tummy!

Yesterday we went to our usual Monday baby group to get weighed and chat to the health visitor. As Evelyn is approaching 8 months we were advised to start expanding her dinner time meals to pretty much what we are eating. My mum friend, Laura, and I went away for our usual Monday coffee and had a chat about this. We were concerned. Concerned that our little girls aren’t ready for big girl food. Concerned that we weren’t ready for them to move away from baby food. Concerned that our little babies aren’t little babies anymore! The more we chatted the more we realised that we were thinking too much into it. We needed to just go with it!! 

So, last night I prepared our dinner. Cod, rice and broccoli. I made 3 portions. Kinda like the three bears. All different sizes, temperatures, salt contents and sauces.


I firstly let Evelyn attempt to feed herself…. this lasted 2 minutes max. It ended up on the floor. I know that this is inevitable. So i then fed it to her from her usual spoon and she took to it quite well. The difference in texture was massively different as I hadn’t blended it at all, but this did prompt her to drink more water with her meal!

(apologies for the terrible camera work!!)

Mini success I think. We will see what tonight will bring. Chicken, sweet potato and cooked spinach.

Such a big girl!!! xxx 

2 thoughts on “Yummy In my Tummy!”

    1. Thank you! Evelyn had always loved her milk and food but since we have increased the lumps she’s having non of it. She knows what she wants that’s for sure. It’s great your starting from 5 months, everyone I’ve spoken to says it helps get them used to it from an earlier age. Good luck! Xxx

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