Travelling with Baby

Ok, so today Evelyn and a I set off on an adventure. Only to Nottingham but when travelling with a baby it’s a pretty big deal! 

What to pack? Which train to get? How much luggage can I carry? Are there steps at the station? Will there be anyone to help me? 

I am a pretty laid back person and try to take everything in my stride. I knew I wouldn’t get panicked or worry but I was concerned with how much of a pain in the arse it could, potentially, be! It wasn’t. At all. I actually quite enjoyed it!! 

First we checked for tickets. Booking ahead meant we managed to get first class tickets from St Pancras to Nottingham for £34 (bargain!) well worth the money! We also got access to the First Class lounge! (VIP’s don’t you know!!) while we waited for our train. 

St Pancras is step free from our train but I did require assistance getting onto the East Midlands Train. Not a problem. There was a member of staff who escorted me to our carriage and onto the train. Not only did he help me but found me a more convenient seat than the one that had been reserved for us!  

We also took the table seat opposite as it had seats together for Evelyn to lay down on. 

With this extra room we actually used the seat as a changing station (the one in the loo was gross and the train was very bumpy!). 

The motion of the train even sent madam off to sleep!  


Things I needed on the journey:

  1. Lunch – something she can hold and feed herself (cheese spread sandwiches and a banana).
  2. Wet wipe – for everything!! 
  3. Toys – although she was more interested in my coffee! 
  4. Blanket – for nap time on the train and to change her on. 
  5. Change of clothes. 
  6. Lunch and drink for ME! 
  7. Cash – for general purchases (it’s not easy to nip to the cashpoint!) 

 Happy Travelling!! Xxx

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