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Father’s Day Art! 

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and I have no idea what to buy Adam. It’s his first Father’s Day so I want it to be something meaningful and special. I trawled Pinterest to find some inspiration and I decided on a combination of ‘Evelyn artwork’ and pictures. I also managed to create something mess less!!! 

This is what you will need:  

  1.  A 3 space picture frame.
  2. Paints of your choice.
  3. White card or paper
  4. Sandwich bag (with seal)

Step 1: put baby in high chair with a tray!

Step 2: Fold the paper

Step 3: Dot the paint around the page

Step 4: Taking care not to smudge the blobs, place into sandwich bag and seal!

Step 5: Place on tray and let baby bash away! Evelyn did a lot of bashing and smudging!

Step 6: Leave to dry

Step 7: Choose pictures to place in frame! (I took one of her making the art to remember it by)

Step 8: Voila! Present complete. No mess!!! All hail the sandwich bag!!

Have a go with your little one!! Xx 

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