Letters to Evelyn

Happy 7 Months!

Dear Evelyn,

June 2015 – I have a feeling summer is on it’s way! You are loving being outside in the fresh air and are not appreciating the heat of the car. Your crawling has kind of started to take shape although you are moving backwards and in circles. You are definitely saying ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ but we are not sure if its is just a coincidence! Your hair is really starting to grow and I can’t wait to put your hair in a little bow! Things you are loving this month: Joe Jingles music class (although you were scared of the instrument box because the lady shook it really loudly!), play dates with friends, being a big girl in the Tesco trolley, banging things with your arms, your brand new Toodlewho Twirlywoo and daddy when he walks in the door! Things we have done this month: picnic at St Albans park for Nannie Linda’s birthday, Your first proper long journey on a train to Nottingham! Lots of cuddles with Nannie Tess and Grandad Col Col, Daddy’s first Father’s Day at the pub, You painted your first picture and you met your brand new baby cousin Olivia Rose! Busy busy bee!!! 🐝





7 months

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