Middle Finger up to Mummy! 

Evelyn is 8 months old and she surprises me every day with how much she knows and how aware of everything she is. This is beautiful, magical and wonderful….. Well…. Most of the time. But there are those rare occasions where I see a little twinkle in her cheeky, blue eyes when she is about to give me the finger! Obviously not literally…. That would be worryingly awesome… but in certain actions that she does I can tell she is laughing at me. We have a mini dialogue it goes something like this:

Me: Oh Evelyn!!! Noooo. 

Evelyn: THATS RIGHT! Hahahah Take that Mummy! 

Me: Seriously, oh my god! What am I going to do! 

Evelyn: You were asking for it! Don’t you ever learn mummy!? 

Me: Right, stay there!! Don’t move! Wait. 

Evelyn: I pretend to not understand you… I do… But I’ll ignore you anyway. I shall roll where the wind takes me! 

If you recognise this totally imaginary conversation as one you have had with your baby then you will be able to picture the scenarios! Here are my top 5 middle finger to mummy moments.

1. Countdown to Pee off!

I don’t know what it is. Fresh air. New nappy. Freedom! This all means that I have a tight deadline to get the next nappy on and secure before disaster strikes! Everything else is white noise! 5…. She realises that it is nappy change time…. 4…. You unstick the sides and she looks to see if you are prepared…. 3…. Baby wipes out and she grabs hold of her feet…. 2…. Shit… Where is the nappy??? 1…. PEEEEEEEEE! Vest, top, leggings and even socks all saturated in wee! Evelyn 1: 0 Mummy 


2. This top needs a pattern! 

Lazy morning. Late breakfast. Leisurely bath. Time to get ready. Hang on. Let’s have lunch first before we get you dressed!! In the high hair with just her nappy. Happily eating her lunch whilst watching me do my makeup. Smushing dairylea into every crevice of her face. “Hmmm, mummy thinks she has won. She thinks she outwitted me!” Lunch finished, face wiped, hands cleaned, nice new clothes on. In car seat ready to go….. Bleughhhhh. Dairylea decides to do an encore! Nice.  All change please!!!   (Sorry there is no sick in this picture)

3. Feeding Time at the Zoo!

I know that babies should be able to explore and experiment with their foods but some meals need to be sitting right and being fed by mummy from a spoon! Breakfast is the main one. Porridge, baby rice, weetabix, rice crispies – these are not consistencies that adhere to baby led!!! Ew. Evelyn loves breakfast time (like her mother and Nannie) so we never really have a problem. Nice wide open sparrow baby! HOWEVER!!!!! Give her half a chance. “Hmmmmm” she says to herself “Mummy loves watching Fraiser in the morning whilst feeding me. She’ll get distracted soon. Then I shall strike!” BANG! Whole hand, palm down in the mushy weetabix! She then procedes to reinact the aftershave scene from Home Alone and slap the weetabix covered hands all over her cheeks! Epic fail. Pay attention Mummy!!!


4. Sleeping Beauty!

So, nap time is always random in our house. Evelyn doesn’t normally sleep much during the day. Unless we are out and about in the car. Recently we have been spending a bit more time in doors doing chores and what not. Around 10:30 I notice the tell tale sleepy signs. Now in my arms she will fall asleep and stay asleep for hours. No missy. Mummy has things to do. So I place her in her cot. BING! She’s wide awake. No sign of a mini yawn. I know what she wants. She wants to nap on our bed. “But it’s so comfy and snugly mummy, you have loads of pillows and it smells of you” NO! You will nap in your cot!! No. “Fine, put up with me being wingy and moaning all morning.” She gives me that look. She knows I know. I know she knows I know! 30 seconds on our bed and….

You win again.

5. I am savage! 

This is a brand new middle finger moment! As of tonight she has decided she HATES the spoon!!! “What is this awful thing that you bring towards me!” The tears streaming down her face, crying like we have served her dirt! We perservere! Long live the spoon!! Nope. Nada. If it was in bread she’s lap it up (I joke). Screw it. I try it. Flaked salmon, carrot, broccoli and rice spread on brown bread. Instant mood change and it’s gone in 2 minutes. I then put a bit on my finger and she grabs my hand and practically licks it off! Spoon = bad. Eating like a savage = of course! Screw you mummy!!!!


I know that all of this is a great sign that she is understanding what is going on around her and reacting to familiar situations. Have you had any middle finger to Mummy moments? Please share! xxx

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