The C Word 

Cesarean. C Section. Through the ‘sun roof’. The other way of giving birth. 

It never entered my head that I might end up having a c-section. In my head they are used in drastic cases. Emergencies. Evelyn was overdue. Midwife told me she was fine but “didn’t want to budge just yet”. This was ok until I was told I had raised blood pressure and protein in my urine! Still, no emergency but I’d need to be induced! 2 days later it turned into an emergency. I had stopped contracting. Stopped dilating. Stopped. The prenatal classes talk very little about c-sections and praise the natural way to give birth! The 90 second conversation with the surgeon was my “c-section for dummies” run through. I remember non of what she said but that she was very well spoken and had lovely, golden hair! The rest is even more of a blur. I remember being on the table talking to a very casual anesthetiser about the names we had picked out (obviously trying to calm and distract me from the surgery lingo that was going on at the other end of the table). Adam was dressed in scrubs and was trying his best to channel Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy from Grays Anatomy). I then heard “ready for the first incision” and my body started to tingle. I asked Adam to talk nonsense to me to stop me focusing on what was going on behind the curtain and we had some random conversation about Christmas shopping at Bicester! Then I felt like my body exhaled a huge weight and there she was!! Not the birth I had imagined or planned and at the start I did feel a bit like a cheat and that I had BEEN cheated but it was the way she was meant to come into this world! 

These are 5 things I learnt from my experience:

1. You don’t feel pain but you do feel what’s going on

Yes you and numbed with so much anaesthetic you feel high as a kite but you still FEEL tugging and pushing and general movement. 

2. Try and move no matter how small the movement.

As soon as my catheter was removed I wanted to do everything. Shower, walk, pee, shower, eat, change, SHOWER!!! And I did. Slowly. But I felt so much better being on my feet and not bed bound! It helps the healing process. 

3. Taking the bandage off hurts more than everything!!! 

Do it in the shower when it gets wet. The gluey stuff will stay there for a while which is kinda gross but let it come off in it’s own time. 

4. You have all the same ‘after’ symptoms! 

My naive little brain half though ‘result!’ She didn’t enter that way so surely i won’t get the pain, bleeding, soreness. WRONG!!!! Damn. 

5. Sudden standing will render you weak! 

You forget. It’s only natural when you want to get something you jump up. Your muscle wall has been cut in half. This isn’t possible for a while. Also, touching the scarred area will feel numb for a long time and make me go like jelly! 

I needed to remind myself that a c section is a major operation and you need to take it easy on yourself. (Easier said than done with a newborn!). I am being brave and posting a pic of my scar. Bare in mind that this is a 7 month old scar and is still healing. I can’t actually believe she came out of here…  


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