Back to Work

Maternity leave seems like such a distant memory these days! Going back to work has been a few things. Emotional. Exhausting. Frantic. Enjoyable. Surprising.

I knew it would always happen and I was prepared for all of these emotional situations! One thing I will say to all those ‘whirlwind’ mummies who are still in the joys of maternity leave… ENJOY IT, make the most of each precious moment. You are part of a magical journey. A journey where there is no time, no deadlines and no pressures other than your little darling!

Now to my experience of back to work…

1. Emotional 
Our set up has worked well to curb the emotional side of saying bye to baby. Adam drops her to the childminders and the childminder drops her to my mother in laws. I never see the childminder! Yes, she texts me three times a day to update me on my child’s bowel movements and fruit intake but I never have face to face chats! This is good for me. I say bye to her at MY front door and put her in Ad’s car. Not too emotional. Not until I go back into the house and notice a teeny tiny little sock on the floor. Que ridiculous tears. Avoiding the emotions = fail.

2. Exhausting

Evelyn has always been an early bird. She wakes around 5 (sometimes 5:30 if we are lucky) and is ready for the day. Usually I get up, give her a bottle, watch a bit of Waybuloo and then she falls back to sleep for an hour or so (and so do I). This can’t happen these days. We have to be up and out of the house by 7! “No napping for you Mummy, don’t worry about me though, I’ll nap in the car on the way to the childminders then maybe again after breakfast!” – Thank you darling. Yawnnnnnn! Feeling well rested = mega fail!

3. Frantic

The first 6 months of a baby’s life consists mainly of sterilising bottles, making milk, changing nappies and changing clothes. This still continues when they get to 10 months but add to it… Cutting fruit, making sandwiches, filling water beakers, finding biscuits, packing extra clothes, socks, bibs, sun cream, hats. The list goes on. Now when you are out with baby and you forget something NO BIG DEAL!! But when you are passing them off for the day HUGE DEAL!! Especially when the one day I forget to pack spare clothes is the one day she gets messy beyond repair and ends up coming home in someone else’s spare clothes. Organisation skills = epic mother clucking fail. (Sorry Evelyn) 


4. Enjoyable

“Sorry, wait. Are you talking to me? Aimee? Is that me? Hang on, I have another name than Mummy!” YES. You are that same person and people expect you to become them again and do something that university has taught you rather than Mother Nature. Day 1, Year 4 art lesson. “YES I AM AIMEE AND I AM A TEACHER” I totally love this job! Plus I get to go home and be Mummy too! Best of both worlds! I also am really enjoying my brand new PE hoodie with my initials on! Feel like I’m part of a team! (mirror image… My initials are AH rather than HA! Haha)

5. Surprising

This was the most unexpected thing to come from me going back to work. The surprise at how we have all taken to it and got on with it. I know my little girl. She is strong, brave, confident, loving, interested, inquisitive, happy, healthy and outgoing. I knew she would be fantastic. I knew she would love it. I knew she wouldn’t look back at the weird lady kissing her more than usual today… Yes I carried you for 9 months and had probably the most traumatic 2 days getting you into the outside world (you’re welcome by the way). But I didn’t realise how it would make her more content. She sleeps sounder after a long exciting day and she cuddles more on our days off together. I am so proud of her already (and she’s only 10 months) and I love her more every day. I have officially turned into one of those mums who finds things like… “So when she sneezes she laughs hahahahahahHAHAHAHHAHA” hilariously funny. But that’s that and here I am on a Sunday night packing her bag ready for Monday. Back to work.


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