Happy Birthday Mummy!!

Today was my birthday. 29. 264 days left in my 20’s. What a depressing thought!! Or maybe not. Maybe this will be the most exciting decade of my life so far!! I get to watch this little piece of me grow and change and learn and discover the world. Today we went for Evelyn’s 10 month check. A questionnaire to check her communication, gross motor and fine motor skills. I was not concerned. I knew this was a “pass” or “fail” test and as a teacher I know that this is bollocks (excuse thy language). Treating children’s development this young as a pass or fail is truly ridiculous! Don’t you think us mothers have gone through enough without the torture of more judgement? Is this necessary?  If she fails what happens…. Will she not be allowed to turn 11 months??? Ludicrous! To be fair the health visitor we saw was lovely and explained the ‘test’ as a way of ensuring all children are developing. Hmmmmm. Evelyn passed all areas but even so, I wasn’t worried. I know my little girl and I know she is fine! 

It’s strange having a birthday once you have a baby. I actually forgot! It was only when I wrote the date on the board in class that I realised “Oh, tomorrow is my birthday!” Evelyn’s birthday however, I have been mentally planning for the last 5 months! Haha. 



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