Letters to Evelyn

A Letter to my Daughter… 

To my darling Evelyn,

It has been a whole year since the night you were born. The night that I had waited for. The night that was the scariest and most exciting of my life to date. The surreal notion of meeting you was overwhelming and I would relive that moment thousands of times if I could.

Things I want you to remember:
1. Your personality

You are funny and cheeky and push boundaries! Don’t lose that! We will pull you up and correct you where we see fit but you need to challenge the world and get the most from it. I see myself and I see your dad and I love that. You need me but then you are confident on your own and that is something that cannot be taught.

2. Your love for learning

As a teacher, it is important that you enjoy learning. At this point in your life I can see you sucking in everything around you. The faces, the object, the moments, the words… Everything. You watch. You repeat. You perfect. We have all loved that about you at the moment. You are so ‘clever’, you are 1 and developing but it impresses us every time! “Ready, steady, GO!”

3. Your confidence 

You will go to anyone and be around anyone! I made a point when you were born of making sure you were happy in other people’s arms. I love that you love me and know me as ‘mummy’ but I also love that you go to other people and that you are intrigued by their faces! They love you!! And I love that they love you and want you to be happy with them! Go and have fun knowing that I am there, always. X

4. Your beauty

You are beautiful. You are perfect in my eyes. You always will be. You have my nose, your dads eyes, but your own sparkle. You smile and it makes my heart melt. You have always had that power and I know you will continue to have it. Know that you are beautiful but be humble. I love watching you sleep and see the peace that comes over you.

Your birthday has reminded me that you are my own little miracle and I can’t believe I have had the privilege of knowing you for a whole year. I wasn’t aware of how much you would affect my life and I literally can’t remember what it was before you!

Happy Birthday Darling,

Your Mummy x

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