Mirror Mirror

2016. Lets reflect.

Well, this year we have settled properly into our new home and have started to think about how we are going to develop it this year. With plans for a new front door, new carpets, new fence panels and hopefully start thinking properly about an extension so I can finally have my dream kitchen/dining area to entertain and have friends over! Love being the hostess but we just don’t have the space at the moment. I have enjoyed getting myself back into work and becoming a new version of a teacher. I have had the pleasure of supporting trainee teachers as now I am amongst the ‘experienced’ teachers. Being considered an expert still makes me blush (these trainees don’t know what they are saying 🙂 ) But it has been so rewarding seeing that you can help! The other big thing in our lives has continued to grow and learn and is the cheekiest, funniest thing I have ever known. This is her last year before she starts proper school nursery and I can’t really believe where the time has gone! (A few people have asked me about my feelings on different childcare options so I am in the process of writing a blog about it). All I can say at this present moment is that our childminder is amazing and has had such a huge impact on our daughters development and personality! My role as a mother has continued to change and develop and I can honestly say that every day I have to become a new version (another blog post in the making) of Mummy…


My Resolutions for 2017

  1. To make more time for family and friends

As our families are all over the country, we do have to dedicate time to seeing everyone and we do a good job of it… however, with our very busy and demanding jobs we can sometimes go 6 months without seeing some of our friends. Luckily for us we have the kind of friends where, even after 6 months, nothing has changed and we pick up as if it was yesterday. I will make time for them all more often and organise more events where everyone can come together. People make life. 


2. To learn a language

I make this resolution pretty much every year but this year I need to do something for myself. I will never be addicted to the gym or running so making that resolution (as much as I need to) is pointless! I would love to be able to speak Spanish so I am going to book myself onto a course that will result in me totally blending in with the locals on holiday when ordering some champagne sangria and seafood paella!


3. To dedicate time for this blog

I set up this blog a a memory bank for Evelyn when she was born and during my maternity leave it became my obsession. I loved having the time to write down my thoughts and what we were up to. Now back at work I barely have time to brush my hair! I need to choose a day in the week to sit down, on my own (or joined by a glass of wine) to have a little type.


4. To say YES more!

This is a silly one really. I used to be very spontaneous when I was younger. I jumped on a plane for a year and travelled the world without a second thought!! These days I need a week to mull over every tiny decision! I get so bogged down with ‘how much will it cost?’ ‘what else could we spend the money on?’ ‘will we all enjoy it?’ ‘will we all be exhausted after?’ So this year I am going to TRY and say yes to more things!

Hope you all have a wonderful, prosperous, healthy 2017! If you fancy sharing your resolutions I’d love to hear them in the comments below! 😉

Aimee xx

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