It’s been a while…

So, today was a pretty awesome day. A little while ago a notification popped up in my inbox to tell me it had been over a year since my last blog post. A blog I’d created when on maternity leave, a blog that I was so excited about creating and one that I’d hoped would have some longevity. Life gets in the way. Its true. Since my last post I’ve: celebrated turning 30, gone back to work full time and got a new job. Amazing. But, my goal is to keep this blog live and ticking. I saw the fabulous Charlotte aka @thehomethatmademe (Christchurch’s 2nd biggest account 🙂 ) was holding a social media/Instagram/blogging workshop and I knew I had to attend! 1: because she’s brilliant, 2: because I need to see that amazing house in reality and 3: because she’s a fountain of knowledge and I needed to get my mojo back. Charlotte did not disappoint! So, this is my little paragraph to draw a line under the fact this blog has not been loved for over a year and make a promise to it and myself that I will invest the time into it that I once did.

What I’d now like from you AMAZING bunch is to know if there is anything you’d like to hear from me? I’m already working on a few little ideas but if there is anything you’re burning to know (probably not, as I am pretty dull and boring) please comment!

Hands up if any of these sounds appealing:

  • Being a full time working mum/parent and still find time for life admin
  • Living in a small house in London and making the most of the space (think toy storage)
  • How to keep your children entertained over the summer holidays
  • Finding the right nursery and what questions to ask

I’m trying to redefine this blog to suit my lifestyle right now, Evelyn is three and a half (going on 23 mind you) so it’s only right that the blog evolves with her.

Thank you in advance

Aimee ❤






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