Letters to Evelyn


Dear Evelyn,

What a year this one has been. You are now closer to being 10 than the day you were born which scares me. Your current obsession is now Star Wars and this year we enjoyed a themed party where you were dressed as Rey! We now have 3 varied sized BB8 droids along with one life sized, movie quality light saber. Daddy loves this about you and was thrilled when we took you to the cinema to see the latest installment of the Star Wars movies.

Your teachers rave about your imagination and your willingness to learn (although they do also mention your chatty disposition!) To me your kindness and empathy has been your shining start this year. You are aware to others feelings and identify your own feelings in others. You look at the world with such passion but enjoy the intimate days on the sofa watching a movie… Jumanji is a current favourite… the Rock will be pleased. Family to you is important and that is something me and you Dad love about you. We want you to know that you are loved and show you how to love others.

Until next year my darling, Happy Birthday ❤

Mummy xxx

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