Do you!

Well, we are now into Summer term and school should be back in full swing. It isn’t. We are still managing this pandemic the best we can. As a Deputy head, as a teacher, as a mum it has been a challenging time and I’ve seen across social media that people are in mixed opinion about the idea of home schooling. Home learning. Virtual learning etc etc. We all have the best intentions at heart and we know that we want our children to be happy, safe and well. This is surely the main thing right? But yet I still see people overwhelmed by it all, in all honesty I am too! But we are all doing out best, no matter what that may look like.

Last night Evelyn chose a bedtime story. One I’ve read many times before. This time however, when I got to the last page I felt a pang of emotion. All books have morals or messages that you discuss with the children at the end…. but this one struck a cord with me. All children are special. We make them feel special by what we do. Every parent has a different way of being a parent but that doesn’t make their children any less special. My ramblings may not make sense but I wanted to share it with you. During this time if you feel like YOU are doing things differently from THEM it doesn’t mean you’re not a fantastic parent. Your children are special and they feel special because of what you do. No matter what that is.

Anyway, I wanted to share the book with you and your special ones so you could hear the message for yourself. Enjoy.

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