2 Months of you!

Hello darling,

2 months in already. Wow where is this time going! This week you had your jabs which was a horrid experience for mummy. You were brave – even given the doctor smiles before the nurse upset you with her injections. Lots of cuddles afterwards which you more than relished. We took our first proper family trip out into London this month which was lovely (although getting on the tube with your buggy was difficult). You slept most of the day but it was nice to be out all together.

You are starting to like sleep a bit more (only one get up in the night now) and you are LOVING your food! Crying at the top of your lungs when the bottles is empty! This month also saw us take a drive up to Nottingham to meet the rest of your family. Lots of cuddles and attention all round.

We finally got some smiles out of you this month – you are proving a hard baby to please! We also started baby sensory this month. You are the youngest there but still managed to enjoy the lights, bubbles and singing!

It scares me how fast time is going. You are getting such a big girl already.

Love you always x

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