One Month of P

Hello darling girl!

One whole month of you in our lives has gone by in a flash! We’ve had the most unusual start to the journey as we have just begun to come out of a global pandemic. Which has meant that visitors have been spread out – some people you are still to meet!

But the month of you we’ve had so far has been wonderful. Although everyone says how alike you are to your sister in looks we can already see a difference in your personality. Your sister did (and still does) love her sleep… you on the other hand are enjoying the light mornings with multiple midnight snacks! Which is fine, that’s what we’re here for right!?

We’ve had lots of family time with both sets of grandparents spending loads of time with you and your sister which has been amazing.

We can’t wait to see how you will grow as the weeks go on. You are already back to your birth weight and filling our your 0-1 month clothes!

Until next month. Love you. x

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