Workout of the day #3

Wednesday! Still motivated! Walked up the massive hill with the pram today! Was a workout in itself - treated myself to a caramel latte at the top. Adam has told me that was bad, I should of had a green tea... But they aren't as tasty! Ho hum! Ok, on to tonight's mini workout!  Wednesday … Continue reading Workout of the day #3


Workout of the Day #2 

Ok. Tuesday. Day 2! Dreaded burpees on the menu today! Mwaha. I felt really ready for today's workout. As they are only 10 mins long it's not too hard to motivate yourself to do it. Plus my 'personal trainer' wouldn't let me forget! Tuesday - Day 2 Today only has 3 exercise but 5 sets. … Continue reading Workout of the Day #2