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Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination Let’s imagine. Close your eyes and take yourself to a calm place, a place where you feel happy and content. Where did you go? A tropical paradise… A fruitful meadow… Outer space?? Wherever you went you used a combination of previous knowledge and a handful of imagination. These two key concepts go hand… Continue reading Pure Imagination

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Real World Maths

Do you remember being at school at the methods used back then being totally different to those being taught now? Have you sat down with your child over the past year and thought… hang on what?! Well you are not alone. The English National Curriculum has undergone many changes in its history and has ‘evolved’… Continue reading Real World Maths


Fine Motor Fun

Pencil control, fine motor skills, precise positioning. These skills that children develop from as young as 10 months have become something of a focus in the Early Years setting at Primary school. The ability to grip, manoeuvre and place seem like skills that children will gain instinctively but without opportunities they can become overlooked. Studies… Continue reading Fine Motor Fun

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Childcare Conundrum

Lately I've had quite a few messages asking my opinion on childcare options. Having a profession within the education setting sees me inundated with questions, queries, reassurances and general musings (which I love, honestly, ask away!). The play school/ nursery/ childminder/ pre-school debate is always something I see on the internet and now social media… Continue reading Childcare Conundrum


Let’s Read

Ok, let's talk about how we can help our little offspring with reading. The English language is one of the most complex languages in the world. We have words that are spelt the same but with different meanings, spelt differently but sound the same and rules that don't apply most of the time (yes I'm… Continue reading Let’s Read