Evelyn’s Bedroom Tour

Evelyn's room is possibly my favourite room in our (very small) house! Living in London means, at the moment, we have a two bed home. I love it because it is ours and needed little doing to it when we moved in. Previously owned by a builder, the house was perfectly painted, white and neutral! … Continue reading Evelyn’s Bedroom Tour


Mirror Mirror

2016. Lets reflect. Well, this year we have settled properly into our new home and have started to think about how we are going to develop it this year. With plans for a new front door, new carpets, new fence panels and hopefully start thinking properly about an extension so I can finally have my … Continue reading Mirror Mirror


   Ok, so I have had a few glasses of Prosecco and am in a jolly mood but that doesn't mean I don't know what I am writing! Since having my beautiful baby girl I have realised the importance of family. Now, to me family doesn't necessarily mean blood relation (this I have come to … Continue reading Family