Penelope’s Birth Story

It's been three weeks to the day that Penelope came into our lives. With this baby I knew I wanted an elective Cesarean due to the crazy labour I faced with Evelyn. I didn't ever put into words my birth story for Evelyn for two reasons. 1: I could barely remember what happened due to… Continue reading Penelope’s Birth Story

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Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination Let’s imagine. Close your eyes and take yourself to a calm place, a place where you feel happy and content. Where did you go? A tropical paradise… A fruitful meadow… Outer space?? Wherever you went you used a combination of previous knowledge and a handful of imagination. These two key concepts go hand… Continue reading Pure Imagination

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Disneyland Paris

The happiest place in the world? Yes! We had an absolutely wonderful 4 days trip to the park so I thought I'd blog about our experience including tips and tricks to help anyone thinking of going (and to remind me for when we go again!) So, we booked direct through Disneyland Paris Travel Company back… Continue reading Disneyland Paris

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Mama Time

So this month I attended a workshop. I attended a workshop with other like minded ladies. A workshop that would help me to reconnect with me? Take time out? Feel less alone? Realise that we are all in this together? Yes. That is exactly what it was. A wonderful local Mama, Claire, has set up… Continue reading Mama Time

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Evelyn’s Bedroom Tour

Evelyn's room is possibly my favourite room in our (very small) house! Living in London means, at the moment, we have a two bed home. I love it because it is ours and needed little doing to it when we moved in. Previously owned by a builder, the house was perfectly painted, white and neutral!… Continue reading Evelyn’s Bedroom Tour