Well, what can I say about the year you turned 6. A global pandemic hit and turned our world upside down. You were forced to stay at home (along with both me and your dad) and we spent the summer term being a family and shielding from Covid-19. Looking back it was a time for us to reconnect and have the time to do things as a unit of 3. We spent most of it in the garden, on walks or late night trips to M&S. But it was special. Your birthday however, was the day before we went into a second lockdown. A mad planning of a soft play party with your gal pals was all we could arrange before we were back to zoom calls to family and friends. You’ve grown up so much darling in this past year… a year which has also seen us move house and you become a big sister to Penelope. I am so proud of how you have responded to this huge change in our lives. You have embraced her with open arms and haven’t faltered at the fact we have to share our time and space with this new baby. We’ve spent this year being such a tight family, creating a new home for the 4 of us. A home that will share even more memories over the coming years. Happy 6th Birthday my beautiful girl. I love you xxx

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