2 Months of you!

Hello darling, 2 months in already. Wow where is this time going! This week you had your jabs which was a horrid experience for mummy. You were brave - even given the doctor smiles before the nurse upset you with her injections. Lots of cuddles afterwards which you more than relished. We took our first… Continue reading 2 Months of you!


One Month of P

Hello darling girl! One whole month of you in our lives has gone by in a flash! We've had the most unusual start to the journey as we have just begun to come out of a global pandemic. Which has meant that visitors have been spread out - some people you are still to meet!… Continue reading One Month of P


Fine Motor Fun

Pencil control, fine motor skills, precise positioning. These skills that children develop from as young as 10 months have become something of a focus in the Early Years setting at Primary school. The ability to grip, manoeuvre and place seem like skills that children will gain instinctively but without opportunities they can become overlooked. Studies… Continue reading Fine Motor Fun