Best Baby Buys! 

When we found out we were expecting we didn’t want to buy anything until the 20 week scan. So when the 20 week scan came we excitedly browsed the aisles of mothrcare, mamas and papas and John Lewis looking for those key, essential items. Trickier than we thought. We didnt want to waste money but being our first child we needed everything. Now my Evelyn is 6 months old and I wanted to recommend the items I have used DAILY and couldn’t live without!

1. Summer Infant Slumber Buddy £14.99

This has been a major part of Evelyn’s bedtime routine. We have tried not to be too strict with bedtime. Don’t get me wrong we have a routine and this is so important but in today’s life I want my children to be adaptable to our schedule too! This helps Evelyn realise it is now bedtime. The butterfly shines stars on the ceiling and plays soft music. We take this when we stay away from home and can turn any room into a familiar bedtime place!

2. Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest £129 (although I got mine off ebay for £40)

Now this is an item I cannot recommend highly enough! The cocoonababy is a moulded foam mattress that goes inside the Moses basket, in your bed, on the floor or anywhere!! Cocoonababy is an ergonomic cocoon designed for use in the cot during baby’s first months. Ideal for every sleepy moment, it evolves with your baby as they grow. The ergonomically shaped nest reassures baby and helps them adapt to their new surroundings, which should help to increase contentment and reduce crying. The baby nest includes an adjustable, removable wedge (situated below the fitted sheet). Baby lies on their back in the cocoon in a natural, semi-foetal position, all set for a sound sleep. This helps them feel contained while conforming to medical recommendations that babies sleep on their backs. Helps with colic, reflux and flat head syndrome. Check ebay as this is quite costly but definitely worth it and works. Evelyn slept through at 3 months. 

3. Angel care Soft Touch Bath Support £24.99

Bath time can be a stressful time for parent and baby and you want to enjoy it! This bath supprt is perfect to help you get used to bathing your little one! Evelyn went straight into the big bath. I didn’t want her to get used to the cosy bath in the living room in a small tub for her to become scared of the normal bath! This helps! It has a special, soft design to cushion and support babies from newborn. You fill the bath up to the marker on the seat and place baby inside. You then have BOTH hands to wash  and play with your little one! Bath time = Funtime!!

4. Tommee Tippee Closer to nature Perfect Prep Machine £90

This was bought by my auntie as a baby shower present. When I was pregnant I planned on breastfeeding, which we did for around a month! I am so glad we had this at the ready. The machine filters, boils, measures and cools the water to the right temp. Saves hours filling bottles and leaving to cool and was a godsend at those 2am feeds! Worth every penny!!

5. Gro-Egg Room Thermometer

When you bring your baby home you will be concerned with every little detail! From the washing powder you use to the temperature of the room! This handy little contraption is a visual representation of the temp. Glowing yellow/ orange for perfect temperate the red for too warm and blue for too cold. It helps you monitor it at all times and also acts as a handy night light. I still check mine about 3 times a night (peeking a sneaky little glance through one half asleep eye).

I hope this has helped with your newborn essentials! Xx

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