Letters to Evelyn

Two For you. Two for me.


Dear Evelyn,

You are two. I’m not too sure how it happened but the baby we held in our arms is now gone forever and in its place we have you. Wonderful, funny, cheeky, frustrating, messy, bossy, clever, stubborn, beautiful YOU. This year has been totally and utterly magical. You spent your first year acting like a sponge and sucking in all the world around you. This year you have taken that knowledge and decided exactly what you are going to do with it. You push boundaries (and my buttons) and every day brings its own challenges. I cannot explain how much you argue, disagree and generally disobey most of what I say. You spill my coffee, you create mess where ever you go and your current favourite phrase for everything is “no, I don’t like it mummy!” But your smile lights up a room, your singing and acting enchants everyone (princess dress and props necessary) and your manners make me proud. I love you to the moon and back and I can’t wait to see what Three will look like. My big girl 💕


Dear Aimee,

A little letter to yourself. You have been a mother for 730 days (minus the 3 days you went off to the south of France for a wedding and drank your body weight in gin – bad mummy!) You are still no expert!! Your challenges change daily and you are constantly evolving as a mother (and as an adult!)

Ok, sometimes you make the packed lunch with the wrong things, you let her eat chocolate before bed, you forget to pack wipes/nappies/socks/nappie sacks, you generally never pack healthy treats but opt to buy them out and about, you have let her in your bed on more than one occasion, you sit on Instagram a little longer than you should, you don’t do the washing enough and you DEFINITELY aren’t Annabel Karmel in the kitchen!! However… Your little girl is happy, healthy and engaged in the world. You expose her, the best you can, to the different things the world has to offer. You’re doing alright. Have another glass of red!


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